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Registration for International Student Exchange Programs 2022 Italy

We are proud to announce our exciting International Students Exchange Programs in 2022.


Registration is closed. No application will be accepted after April 7, 2022

International Student Exchange Program

Date: June 29 – July 9, 2022

Venue: Padua relevant venue

Location: Padua Italy

Recitals:  Joint recital with local Padua Conservatory students

Master classes with music professors of Padua Conservatory

Classes: History of European Music; History of Italian Opera; Venice Museum of Violin;  “Grand Hall of Violin”;  Opera Liric Theater “Arena di Verona’

Visit the “Capella degli Scrovegni” recently annexed to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit a Violin Maker Studio and violin shaped “Grand Concert Hall” in Cremona. Optional visit to the Opera Theater “Arena di Cremona”

Tours relevant areas: Padova, Venice, Verona, Garda Lake, Florence

Upon completion of the International Student Exchange Program, an official letter will be sent to notify the performer’s school of their successful participation.

High School students can use this opportunity to build their Resume and/or College Applications.