Application Procedure

Welcome to 2021-2022 season of Crescendo International Youth Music Competition!

Registration for auditions will be open on October 15th, 2021.

All participants must register and apply online:

Please reach our to our local representatives for assistance if you need help with online registration or email the downloadable application form to info@crescendocompetition.orgCRESCENDO INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 2022-APPLICATION FORM

All fees are non-refundable:

Solo Performance: $95 
Duet: $145
Trio: $180
Ensemble of 4 or more members: $50 per participant.
Only one application form per duet or an ensemble is required.

We accept debit and credit cards payments via PayPal.  Our PayPal account is

Personal check, or money orders should be sent to the competition headquarters:Crescendo International Competitions, Inc., 9 North Main Street, Suite 4,  Marlboro, New Jersey 07746.

Students who cannot attend live auditions, may apply to Online Video Submission and provide a link to a video of their performance on YouTube or another video sharing service or send a DVD or Flash Drive to the main office of the competition. 
Video submissions must be in one continuous shot, without edits. 

The last day to submit the application and the video for the auditions is 7 day prior to the auditions date.

Instruction for online registration:

Enter your personal information and press “Add a new student”. Then enter students’ information and press “Proceed to Audition Registration”. After completing the form press “Submit Application and Pay Online” for online payment or enter a check or money order number and press “Submit application”. 
If you already have an account:
Sign in at
Click “Add student” and fill out the fields with student information. Optional – if your student studies another instrument with a different teacher you may add that teacher as well. 
Apply for auditions by pressing “Register for Competition”  or going to the “Auditions” on the main menu bar.
Select an audition location and fill out the audition registration form.
Participants may apply to auditions more than once (performing on another instrument/voice, or being part of ensemble). Each composition is considered an application entry and will be judged and billed separately.
Your auditions information will be available in “Active applications” on the main menu bar at the top of the page.
The time of the audition will be assigned to your audition application in your profile a few days prior to the audition.
Auditions results will be uploaded to your profile. You may download the evaluation form in Active Applications of your profile by clicking on the student’s obtained place (First, Second, etc.)
Link to register for second round will be available in your active applications for eligible entries.